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ERIC Study

Level K Sample Student Lesson

Level A Sample Student Lesson

Level B Sample Student Lesson

Level T Sample Student Lesson

Level C Sample Student Lesson

Level D Sample Student Lesson

Level E Sample Student Lesson

Level F Sample Student Lesson

Below are Sample, Page-by-Page, Viewable Little Guided Readers — NOT DOWNLOADABLE

EMERGENT (Levels A, B, & C)

30000    Adam Named The Animals    A look at some of the animals Adam named

30010    It Is Good    Story of creation written for beginning readers

30020    Who Will Be In Heaven?    People and things children might expect to see in heaven

30030    School Tools    Introduces common classroom tools and Jesus as our friend

30040    Let My People Go    Moses warns Pharaoh—Let My People Go!

30500    See Baby Jesus    A simple story describing the scene at Jesus’ birth

30510    Angels Care For Me    A story about guardian angels and how they protect us

30520    Baby Is Sleeping    The quiet stable after Jesus’ birth

30530    Joseph’s New Coat    An additive story about Joseph’s coat of many colors

30540    God’s Promise    Teaches color by describing the first rainbow

30550    Help Me!    Jesus is happy to help us whenever we ask

30560    God Can See Me    Assurance that God always knows where we are

30570    I Like To Ride    A child explores different forms of travel

31000    Baby Lamb    The relationship between a lamb and the Good Shepherd

31010    Come To Me    Repetitive text, highlights Jesus’ invitation to the children

31020    Daniel And The Lions    The story of Daniel in the lion’s den through Daniel’s eyes

31030    God Makes The Sun Shine    Repetitive text, how God makes the world a pleasant place

31040    I Can Draw    A child’s drawings illustrate the world God made

31050    All My Pets    A cumulative story about pets children love

31060    I Share My Toys    A story promoting the value of sharing

31070    Little Big    Contrasts little things with a big God

31080    What Do You Know?    Each family member knows “Jesus loves me”

TRANSITIONAL (Levels D, E, F, G, & H)

31500    A Dark, Dark Night    Repetitive text, tells the story of Jesus in Gethsemane

31510    Jericho March    Repetitive text, tells the story of Joshua and battle of Jericho

31520    Noah’s Ark    Repetitive text, tells the story of Noah’s Ark

31530    Water!    A fun look at one of God’s greatest gifts

31540    The Day God Rested    The seventh day of creation

31560    Jesus Hears Me    Jesus is always ready and able to hear us

31570    My Favorite Place    A child imagines being in Biblical places

31580    Put God First    A child prays and puts God first

32000    Jesus Helps His Dad    The helpful nature of the child Jesus

32010    Me Too!    Little sister wants to be just like big sister

32020    Daniel Prayed    Daniel’s prayer life and how God answers prayer

32030    A Very Little Man    Zacchaeus’ first recorded contact with Jesus

32040    In Heaven I Will    Children look forward to heaven without physical disabilities

32050    Grandma, Kitty & Me    Memory of a day spent with a grandparent

32060    Let’s Clean Up!    A lesson in the value of cleanliness

32070    My Friend And I    God made us all different and each is special

32500    Naaman    Naaman obeys God’s prophet and is miraculously healed

32510    Let The Children Come    Rhythmic text, describes Jesus’ invitation to children

32520    God Calls Samuel    Young Samuel hears and answers God’s call

32530    How Far Is It?    Jesus asks a question familiar to any child

32540    God Made Plants    God made a variety of plants for us to enjoy

32550    God Made Light    Many things God wanted to make would need light

32560    Peter On The Water    Peter takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to sink

33000    Fishers Of Men    Andrew, Peter, James, and John become “fishers of men”

33010    Jesus Loves Me Anyway    A parable-like story explaining Jesus’ unconditional love

33020    A Big, Big Lunch    A counting book about one of Jesus' miracles

33030    My Forever Friend    A reminder of Jesus’ continual presence and love

33040    Michael Never Gives Up!    Courage and faith in face of physical challenges

33050    God Made Birds    God made birds that “say” different things

33060    Ten Precious Coins    A woman rejoices when she finds her lost coin

33070    I Can Pray    People can pray in different situations

33500    Little Lamb And The Shepherd    A child’s version of the parable of the lost lamb

33510    Creation    God’s work of creation

33520    The Prayed For Baby    God answers Hannah’s prayer with a baby boy

33530    Levi’s Lunch    Jesus feeds the multitude with a little boy’s lunch

33540    God Made Animals    The sixth day of creation—Animals God made

33550    God Made The Sun    The fourth day of creation—the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars

33560    Jacob’s Ladder    Jacob dreams of a ladder to heaven

FLUENT (Level  I,J,K,L, & M)

34000    Blind, Blind Bart    Jesus heals the blind man Barttimaeus

34010    The Ten Lepers    Jesus heals ten men, but only one returns to thank Him

34020    The Two Houses    Building houses on rock and on sand

34030    The Empty Tomb    Mary finds Jesus’ tomb empty and then He appears

34040    The Surprise Breakfast    Jesus helps Peter and his friends catch lots of fish

34050    The Wedding Feast    A parable about being ready for Jesus to return

34500    Joseph, Egyptian Slave    Joseph continues to worship God, even in prison

34510    Joseph’s Dreams    Joseph the dreamer is sold into slavery, but God has a plan

34520    Impossible!  Impossible!    As the believers pray, God rescues Peter from prison

34530    The Mysterious Star    The wise men follow the mysterious star to find baby Jesus

34540    Tabitha    A woman’s kindness brings people to Jesus

34550    David And Goliath    David fights Goliath because he trusts God to protect him

34560    I Will Come Again    Jesus promises the Holy Spirit and His second coming

34570    Jonah And The Whale    God gives Jonah another chance

34580    Joseph, Egyptian Ruler    God uses Joseph to bless many people who wronged him

34590    Joseph Helps The King    Joseph goes from a prisoner to a prime minister

35000    Rahab’s Red Rope    Rahab’s faith in God keeps her and her family safe

35010    The Lame Man    Jesus heals the lame man by the pool of Bethesda

35020    God Made Sea Creatures    Sea creatures are colorful and interesting to learn about

35030    Josiah, Boy King    A young ruler revitalizes Judah

35040    Baby Moses    God helps a mother protect her baby from harm

35050    David And Jonathan    Two friends help each other even when apart

35060    Peace Be Still    Jesus calms a mighty storm

35070    The Prodigal Son    A father welcomes his runaway son when he returns home

35500    The Jailer’s Surprise    Paul and Silas witness to the jailer and his family

35510    Esther Becomes Queen    God allows Esther to become queen and help her people

35520    Deborah    A woman helps in a battle with enemies of Israel

35530    Esther Saves Her People    Esther pleads for her people and saves them

35540    Ruth    Two women who stay together during hard times

35750    The Fiery Furnace    Three young men who remain faithful to God

35760    The Good Samaritan    Jesus tells what it means to be a good neighbor

35770    The King On Trial    Jesus is brought before Pilate

35780    The Saddest Day    The crucifixion of Jesus as witnessed by His friends

35790    The Sower And The Seeds    A parable Jesus told about hearts and minds

35800    The Unexpected Guest    Jesus surprises His disciples who are sad about His death

Science Curricula Scope & Sequence (Levels A-H)

Science Materials Kit Lists  (Levels A-H)

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Spelling Curricula Scope & Sequence (Levels A–F)

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